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Academic Skills Coaching

“I feel like I never have enough time.”

“I study and study, but it doesn’t show on my exams.”

“I’m just not feeling motivated to do my work.”

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone. The pace, complexity, and volume of material encountered in the quarter system challenges students to learn more effectively and efficiently. The good news is, there are people here to help.

Academic Skills Coaching can provide you with a personal “trainer” who can observe your strategies and techniques, suggest changes to your approach, and provide encouragement as you implement new ways of learning.

Tackle common challenges like:

  • Procrastination
  • Test preparation
  • Test anxiety
  • Time management
  • Reading strategies


Undergraduate Coaching Appointments        Graduate Coaching Appointments

Upcoming Event

Stanford I Screwed Up!
Students come together and share their experiences at CoHo on Thursday April 5, 2018.

Upcoming Event

January 12, 2018
TA Orientation. Open to Stanford TA community & Staff.

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