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Appointments and Drop-in Schedule

For most subjects, you need to make an appointment. But for some, you have the option of stopping by our multiple drop-in locations (see chart below). At drop-in sessions, you can come and go as you like. Multiple tutors at each session mean you can often get individual attention when you need it, or just work with others knowing that tutors are nearby to answer questions.

Appointments are available in Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters, from the Sunday of week two until the last day of classes, for courses in which you’re enrolled.

Courses and Drop-in Schedule

Our drop-in sessions will begin Sunday, October 1, 2017. The fall drop-in schedule will be posted by 8pm on Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Courses  Appointment/Drop-in Drop-in Schedule Notes

ALL Languages

Appointment only


Chem 31A/B/X, 33, 35, 171

Appointment or Drop-in


CS 103, 106A/B/X, 107, 109, 110*

Appointment only


* Contact us to set up an online session for CS courses taken online from a Stanford campus abroad.

CME 100, 102**

Drop-in only


** Contact us to set up an online session for CME courses taken online from a Stanford campus abroad.

Econ 1, 50, 51, 52, 102A

Appointment only


Engr 14, 15, 30

Appointment only


ME 70, 80

Appointment only


HumBio 2A/B, 3A/B, 4A/B

Appointment only


Math 19, 20, 21, 51, 52, 53

Appointment or Drop-in


Math 61CM, 62CM, 131P

Appointment only


Physics 21, 23, 25, 41, 43, 45

Appointment or Drop-in


Physics 61, 63, 65

Appointment only


Stats 60/160/Psych 10

Appointment only


Make an Appointment

Appointment Instructions and Troubleshooting

Appointment Instructions

  • Log in with your SUNet ID
  • Search availability
  • Select either “VPTL: Foreign Language Practice” or “VPTL: Subject Appointments” from drop-down menu
  • Indicate the course in which you need help
  • Hit the “Search” button
  • Choose the date and time you would like to book

24-hour Advance Notice for Cancellations

To cancel your appointment, use the appointment system at least 24 hours in advance. When you log in, you'll see your upcoming appointments listed; press the "X" next to the one you want to cancel. In an emergency, with less than 24 hours' notice, e-mail us at and your LCP directly.

Troubleshooting Problems

  • If you don't see any available appointments, it could be that all appointments in the upcoming 7 days are already taken. Be sure to check back, though, since students can only book 7 days in advance.
  • If you don't see your course listed at "Choice Required," remember that you must be enrolled in the course for which you are seeking help. If you've recently changed your courses, it'll take a few days for our system to be updated.7878


Contact Us

If you have any questions, e-mail us at 7878


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