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Tutoring and Foreign Language Conversation Practice

​VPTL provides free subject tutoring and foreign language conversation practice with peers who are specially trained to help you develop the skills you need to be successful in your classes.

Subject Tutoring

Tutors are a valuable resource and, like your professors and TAs, help you master the skills you need to succeed on your own after tutoring sessions by coaching you rather than providing answers.

Tutors will:

  • help you think through a problem sets
  • discuss and break down course concepts
  • help you prepare for upcoming exams
  • discuss and work through various aspects of class materials

Foreign Language Conversation Partners

Language Conversation Partners (LCPs) are here to help you improve your speaking skills in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

With your LCP you can:

  • role play different speaking scenarios
  • practice oral drills and activities from your textbook
  • have unstructured conversations in the language you are studying

The Foreign Language Conversation program is designed to help you meet the oral proficiency objectives of your language course, so you must be enrolled in a course at the Stanford Language Center to use the LCPs.


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Subjects and Languages Available

Subjects Languages
Biology Arabic
Chemistry Chinese
CME French
Computer Science German
Economics Italian
Engineering Japanese
Human Biology Korean
Math Portuguese
Physics Russian
Statistics Spanish


Appointments / Drop-in Schedule

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