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CTL Student Learning Programs

We are here to help you optimize your learning potential, by providing services and programs for all undergraduate and graduate students. We can show you the tools and strategies you need to learn, adapt and excel. We strongly believe in the power of learning in multiple milieus — formal and informal instruction, peer-to-peer, self-study, and learning through service, as you become successful students, scholars and teachers. We provide resources in mentoring, academic skills coaching, tutoring, language practice, as well support for undergraduate and graduate students who are teaching, or want to teach.

Learning Hub @ Lathrop

Visit the Learning Hub @ Lathrop
Print a poster, reserve equipment at the tech desk, make a podcast, use the create:space and more!

Study Tips and Workshops

Academic Skills Resources
Take Stock of your skills and learn some new ones!

Become a Tutor

Become a subject tutor
Applications are now open!