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Meet the Team

Who We Are

The Peer Learning Consultant Program helps Stanford students develop learning strategies that will allow them to reach their academic goals. Our 19 Learning Consultants work with both undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines and serve over 1,200 students annually. Learning Consultants are required to undergo comprehensive training and the selection process is highly competitive. In 2019, the Peer Learning Consultant Program forged formal partnerships with the Athletic Academic Resource Center (AARC) and the School of Engineering's Equity and Inclusion Initiatives (EII) to bring dedicated academic support to Stanford student-athletes and graduate students in the School of Engineering, respectively.  

Jae ChungJae Chung​   Associate Director, Student Learning Programs
Jae manages the Student Learning Programs at CTL and oversees the Peer Learning Consultant Program. Jae received his PhD in Biology from Stanford University, where his doctoral research focused on cardiovascular development and cancer biology. Jae has launched mentorship and TA support programs, and was the Residential Academic Director for the Leland Scholars Program at Stanford before coming to CTL. For any inquiries about the Peer Learning Consultant program, please email Jae at

Lead Learning Consultants

Michelle Atallah
PhD Student
Cancer Biology
Leehi Yona
PhD Student
Environment & Resources
Gillian Peraza

Graduate Learning Consultants

Jamie Fine
PhD Student
Modern Thought & Literature
Kallie Neumann
PhD Student
Chemistry and Education
Caroline Muraida
PhD Student
Environment & Resources
Ileana Pirozzi
PhD Student


Guillaume Riesen
PhD Student
James Winter
PhD Student
Civil and Environmental Engineering

AARC Learning Consultants                                            Engineering Learning Consultant

Chris Puntasecca
MD Student
Brandi Ransom
PhD Student
Materials Science and Engineering
Libby Zhang
PhD Student
Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate Learning Consultants

Karim Aloul
Guillermo Camarillo
Management Science & Engineering
Megan Faircloth
East Asian Studies and English


Melissa Santos
Psychology and Data Science

Undergraduate Administrative Coordinators

Alex Little
Symbolic Systems
Jasmine Nguyen
Sophia Serafin
Political Science

Request a Workshop or Consultation

Please note

  • Graduate Learning Consultants work with undergraduate and graduate students
  • Undergraduate Learning Consultants work with undergraduate students
  • AARC Learning Consultants work with undergraduate student-athletes
  • Engineering Learning Consultants work with Engineering graduate students
  • You can request a workshop or consultation from a specific Learning Consultant by going to their bio page


Request a Workshop or Consultation


Reagan WalkerReagan Walker​​
Undergraduate Learning Consultant

Class of 2019

Served 2018-2019


Rachel PortilloRachel Portillo​​
Undergraduate Learning Consultant

Class of 2021

Served 2018-2019


Jamie SeneyJamie Seney​​
Undergraduate Learning Consultant

Class of 2021

Served 2018-2019



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