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How can I reach out to my professor or TA?

It is important to stay in communication with your class. Make sure you know where and how you can get information and support.

  • Monitor your email and Canvas closely for any instructions on communicating, as well as general instructions about the class.
  • Attend virtual office hours if possible. Some instructors and TAs are offering Zoom conferences in lieu of regular office hours. 

  • Stay in touch with classmates. They may welcome getting to connect with another student during this class-from-home time. They can also provide useful information, support, and suggestions. However, if you need to confirm something about an assignment or test, contact your instructor or TA directly.

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to your instructor directly, using their preferred method of contact. (To find their contact information, look on the syllabus. If you’re unsure about their preferred method of contact, email is generally the safest option.) Be courteous—“please” and “thank you” go a long way—and remember that every question is a good question.

  • Follow up with your instructor or TA if necessary. Faculty and TAs often get tons of emails a day, and are probably receiving even more during this time, so they may not respond right away. Although the general practice is to follow up after a week, it’s okay to follow up more often in urgent cases, but no more than once a day. 

  • Ask questions early. If you do have questions about the class, an assignment, or the test, it’s best to ask right away, rather than waiting. This gives your instructor more time to respond, and it also gives you more time to make any necessary adjustments.

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